Never gonna cry again Belinda
English summer This is the house
The walk Love is a stranger
Sweet dreams (are made of this) Who's that girl?
Right by your side Step on the beast
Here comes the rain again The first cut
Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four)


Would I lie to you? There must be an angel
Sisters are doin'it for themselves It's alright (-baby's coming back)
I love you like a ball and chain Tous les garçons et les filles
When tomorrow comes Thorn in my side
The miracle of love Missionary man
Beethoven Shame
I need a man You've placed a chill (in my heart)
Revival Don't ask me why
The king and queen of America (My, my) baby's gonna cry
I saved the world today 17 again
Power to the meek Peace is just a word
I've got a life  


In the garden Sweet dreams
Touch Touch dance
1984 (for the love of big brother) Be yourself tonight
Revenge Live - Rough & Tough at the Roxy
Savage We too are one
Live 1983-1989 Greatest hits
Peace Ultimate collection
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The Tourists

Blind among the flowers The loneliest man in the world
I only want to be with you So good to be back home
Don't say I told you so From the middle room
The Tourists Reality effect
Luminous basement Should have been greatest hits
Greatest hits  

The Catch



If it was so simple Silent emotions
Don't turn out the lights Puppet man
If it was so simple Trailer for a good life

Stewart & Harrison


Annie Lennox

Put a little love in your heart  
Why Precious
Money can't buy it Walking on broken glass
Cold Little bird
Love song for a vampire No more "I love you's"
A whiter shade of pale Waiting in vain
Train in vain Something so right
Pavement cracks A thousand beautiful things
Wonderful Soledad (loneliness)
Into the west Dark road
Sing Shining light
Pattern of my life Full steam
Universal child God rest ye merry gentlemen
The holly and the ivy  


Diva Medusa
Live in central park In-store sampler
Pre-Bare sampler Bare
Songs of mass destruction The Annie Lennox Collection
A Christmas cornucopia Bootlegs

David A. Stewart

Light up the city  
Heart of stone Jealousy
Secret Happy to be here
All over the world  
*Greetings from the gutter *Sly-Fi
*Grow younger, live longer  

Spiritual Cowboys

Jack talking Love shines
On fire Party town
Rock spirit Cry baby
One world one voice Lumiere / This week
Crown of madness Out of reach
*Dave Stewart & the Sp. Cowboys *Honest


Possessed Walk into the wind

Da Univerzal Playaz


Platinum weird

Platinum weird  

Rock Fabulous Orchestra

Songbook volume 1
American prayer Lily was here

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Avenue D Lily was here
Jute city Jack and the beanstalk
Cookie Old habits die hard

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