Fanclub items

these flexi discs where Xmas gifts for members of the Eurythmics fanclub

1983 1984

LYN 13916 - uk

Message from Dave & Annie
This is the house [live] 3:18

LYN 15292 - uk

I'm dreaming of a white christmas
Message from Dave & Annie
Annie asks for birthday presents

1985 1986

Evatone 8534465 - usa

Annie raps a new year wish
Message from Dave

square - 2 sided
Evatone 1015301ABS- usa

Message from Dave
Instrumental track 2:40
I love you like a fool [demo] 1:40
Mick Jagger - Let's work (demo)
The Catch - Ain't no room [live]

1987 1988

square - 2 sided
Eva 1034111ABS - usa

Message from Dave & Annie
(LA, dec 7th 1987)
I've got a lover [remix] 6:28

Eva 104715-1S - usa

Message from Dave
Xmas gorillas
Glad tidings of comfort and joy
Pat Seymour - Freedom

1989 1990

round - 2 sided
01-8533000 - uk

Message from Dave
We two are one [demo] 2:50
(my, my) Baby's gonna cry [demo] 3:15
Sylvia [demo]
Success [demo] 2:55

081-8533000 - uk

Christmas rap
Message from Dave

Fanclub magazines:

The X-mas postcards

Fanclub welcome gift

A set of 12 postcards released by the fanclub

A 1991 calendar in the form of 2 posters

Here's a list of even more fanclub items (no pics available)

- White china mug with red 'eurythmics' print
- Black china mug with gold print. 'D&A' on either side of 'Miracle of love' and 'eurythmics' around the mug
- Baseball cap with multi-coloured D&A oval badge on the front
- quartz watch, black case/strap, white face, red D&A to form the numbers 9 and 3, 'eurythmics' forming the other numbers
- A4 ring binders, 'eurythmics' in foil
- Scottish lambswool sweater with sew-on badge
- Jacket with detachable sleeves, with sew-on badge

concert photo's:
1.Hammerscmith Odeon 19-nov-1983 (set of 10)
2.Wembley Arena 7-dec-1986 (set of 10)
3.Nelson Mandela Benefit 11-june-1988 (set of 10)
4.Revival tour 20-sept-1989 (set of 10)